Information Dissemination and Equal Access Project
Information Dissemination and Equal Access Project
Center IDEA
Support Center for Public Initiatives “Chaika”
Address:Rivne, vul. D.Halytskoho, 16
Coordinator: Oksana Salivonchyk
E-mail: salivonchykoksana@gmail.com
Center Worktime:
Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat. Sun.
Center Team
Oksana Salivonchyk

Участники семинара

Rivne , Seminar for people with limited possibilities, who is looking for a job

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Currently 8671 people have received training at IDEA computer courses and seminars, including 688 participants of 65 Microsoft Unlimited Potential courses and 218 participants of 13 Onlandia courses.

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