Information Dissemination and Equal Access Project
Information Dissemination and Equal Access Project

30.06.2017 Tokmak

IT services and applications for time planning at IDP HUB in Tokmak, with IDEA Project assistance.

The world has been dramatically accelerating recently. Most people simply can not cope with the infiltration of information, tasks, ideas, and opportunities that dump them. Therefore, the ability to effectively manage time become of utmost importance. It is important to be able to distribute time so that, in the first place, the really important things that are moving us forward, and then all the others, are actually fulfilled.
Services and applications are now actively beginning to appear, which allows one to organize lists, plan a day, and control the execution of tasks. The trainer told about the benefits of such programs, the main tools for working with them, the ability to synchronize these applications between the PC and the smartphone at the IDP HUB TOKMAK resource center in Tokmak, and answered all the questions of those present.

22.06.2017 Kropyvnytsky

Hour of Code - training of trainers in Kropyvnytsky

Within the framework of the regional librarians' seminar held by the Kirovohrad Oblast Library for Youth, four training workshops were held at the IDEA Center of the Public Organization "TIMO" Open Doors ". In these workshops, librarians of the region learned how to create algorithms using the code.org curriculum and get acquainted with the materials that can help them in conducting the Hour of Code in December this year.

20.06.2017 Lutsk

Training-contest "Hour of Code" at the Children's Health Camp "Svitanok" (Daybreak)

no description In Volyn Oblast, in the summer, children not only rest, but also use their time for more learning. Exactly so, on June 20, 207, at the Children's Health Camp "Svitanok" (Daybreak), the Coordinator of the IDEA Training Center, Volyn Perspectives, hosted the "Hour of Code" game-competition. Children learned the beginnings of programming during an interesting team game, without using any equipment. Formation of algorithms in the form of a game contributed to the development of coding skills for young programmers. These activities became possible thanks to the IDEA P Powered by Microsoft YouthSpark.

09.06.2017 Tokmak

A training on using the WordPress content management system

For youth of Chernihivka town, a training on using the WordPress content management system was held in the rayon library. During the training, the trainer of the IDEA Tokmak Training Center told about all the steps needed to create a site. The participants were informed about the importance of reading the domain name of the page, as well as the possibilities of choosing and changing the design of a site, and the points to be taken into account when publishing information. Teenss had a lot of questions that the trainer immediately answered. The attendees at the training were struck by the possibilities that Wordpress's content management system offers, since even beginners can work with it. The trainer also told about a lot of templates that help make the creation of a site even easier.

08.06.2017 Rivne

Programing at a school camp in Klevan

Programing in the school camp On June 8, at the children summer camp of Klevan Town Lyceum children took a trained in programing conducted by the trainers of the IDEA Rivne Training Center. During the camping in the lyceum, children not only played and participated in sports games, but also tried themselves as programmers and created computer games that they shared with friends. "It's simple and fun about the complex and useful" - it was the motto of their computer programing lessons. The training was conducted within the framework of the IDEA Project Powered by Microsoft YouthSpark.

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no description 19.12.2016 Tokmak
Katerina Pіlіgrіmova

Катерина Пілігрімова: "Звикла записувати інформацію на листочках, які постійно губляться. Програма one note на телефоні гарне вирішення цієї проблеми.Тепер мої записи завжди будуть зі мною. Дякую за тренінг." ... more >>

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