Information Dissemination and Equal Access Project
Information Dissemination and Equal Access Project


Now I have my own venture!


Nataliya Semenyuk, 26 years of age, from Lutsk shared her experience of attending trainings and consultations provided by IDEA Center of the NGO ‘Volynski Perspektyvy’: "Being registered at the employment center, I attended a workshop on new information technologies and their possibility for starting and developing one’s own v enture. I was very interested, because I always wanted to have my own business. In the online mode, I continued to be consulted by the coordinator of the IDEA training center. Now, in one of the most popular social networks, I founded an online store of the used baby clothes. I'm constantly trying to expand my customer base and I use other free platforms to find customers. I have already got more than 20 satisfied customers, and I continue to get further advice from the IDEA training center".


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