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Information Dissemination and Equal Access Project


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The participant of the "IDEA Project Powered by Microsoft YouthSpark" Igor Chuyenko (Tokmak) says: "Advertising posters, leaflets, flyers - all of it I saw every day, and it all was not very impressive to me. There were very little visuals that I really liked. Most of them, in my opinion, was the result of poor performance and lack of imagination. This thought never left me for a long time, and when I saw the opportunity to take part in training on how to use the graphical editor, conducted by the IDEA Center of NGO "Institute for Public Development Ortega-y Gasset" I immediately signed up. I wanted to check whether I myself can do something worthy. In the training, we were told about various specialized programs, and then were given the task. I and two other guys had to make an imaginary magazine cover. Easy - thought we, and started. However, immediately we faced a problem - it was difficult to selecting a suitable font and size, the picture would not decrease, and in general it was not so easy. In the end, we managed to do something, but I was dissatisfied with the result. After arriving home, I immediately immersed myself in the study of visual editors which we were told about during the training. Two weeks were spent to find out it and one more week to make a cover that would not cause me disgust. After I told this to my friends, one of them asked to make a poster for chess tournament. Another week passed, until it turned out that what I was really pleased with. And my friend was pleased with it as well. Now, several times a month my friends to turn to me, and sometimes even strangers, to ask to make a poster or a greeting card. Previously, I was sure that I would devote my entire live to freestyle wrestling, which was engaged in since four year of age. Now my new passion for graphic design competes with the wrestling. Recently, I seriously started to wonder about education in this area. And it all began with a regular training".


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