Information Dissemination and Equal Access Project
Information Dissemination and Equal Access Project


Develoment is necessary for reaching the goal!


Olha (24 years of age) said: "I have a disability due to problems with the musculoskeletal system because of which spend most of the home. I studied at the Center for Vocational Rehabilitation of Disabled "Podillya", but after I graduated from it, I still could not find a job. Also, while I mastered a lot of information about the online job search, I still could not get employed. So I decided to register for classes on job search conducted by the IDEA Center of NGO Parostok (Sprout). Here, coaches helped me properly arrange priorities and structure the amount of information that I possessed, and taught how to behave during interviews with employers. Together with the trainers, I started monitoring the websites offering vacancies in the online stores. Finally, thanks to the support and knowledge obtained at the IDEA Center of NGO Parostok, I successfully passed the interview. Recently, I successfully passed the probation period, during which I successfully mastered knowledge about products and services of the online store. My duties include receiving Internet-orders, advising and answering the phone, transferring the orders for implementation. Remote work is not inferior to the usual work, and now I can earn money without leaving home. NGO Parostok has helped me to realize that, to reach your goal, you should not sit and wait, but start to move and develop, look for something new and new earnings opportunities. In fact – there are a lot of opportunities around, and one just needs to use them".


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