Information Dissemination and Equal Access Project
Information Dissemination and Equal Access Project


With IDEA Project, dreams come true!


Nazariy (19 years) says: "In 2016, I started to work with IDEA Center of NGO “Parostok” (Sprout). At first, I participated at skills trainings on job search techniques, and the creation of non-government organizations. Starting the second half of the year, I began myself to conduct training at the IDEA Center of NGO "Parostok". Just recently, I was entrusted to represent the activities of the NGO "Parostok" in the field of training youth in computer skills. On November 14, 2016, I presented activities of IDEA Center of NGO "Parostok" at a seminar organized by Microsoft Ukraine. See office Makrosoft Ukraine, but also to deliver a presentation within the walls of Microsoft - a dream for every young person! Thanks to NGO "Parostok" for its the trust, and thank you, IDEA Project Powered by Microsoft YouthSpark for this opportunity!"


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