Information Dissemination and Equal Access Project
Information Dissemination and Equal Access Project


My successes for people with hearing impairment


Hanna (28 years of age) from Vinnytsya shared how the project helped her and one of the IDEA Network members NGO ‘Parostok’ (Sprout) to develop. Hanna works as a Dactylology translator at the Vinnitsa Social and Economic Institute of the University ‘Ukraine’. ‘Thanks to participation in the project of the NGO ‘Parostok’ (Sprout)’ - said Hanna, ‘I had the opportunity to participate in developing a pocket dictionary of the Ukrainian sign language for the police. To work successfully, I lacked confidence in working with text input and editing as well as in working with images and photographs. At the IDEA Center of NGO ‘Parostok’ NGO, I successfully completed the training on working with the Microsoft Office suite and the basic work with images, and I was regularly receiving other consultations on other computing aspects from the IDEA Center's trainers. My work on the vocabulary was gradually moving forward, and finally I managed to do it! The dictionary was issued, and the police got copies for use. Thanks to the IDEA Project Powered by Microsoft YouthSpark, I was honored to be involved in building a police co-operation with people with hearing impairment’.


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