Information Dissemination and Equal Access Project
Information Dissemination and Equal Access Project


New life of my things


Anastasia Demchenko, a schoolgirl from Tokmak tells about how information she learned in the IDEA Project Powered by Microsoft YouthSpark gave her new skills and ideas that helped not only her but the needy people: ‘The training I attended at the IDEA Center in Tokmak that was run by IDEA Center of NGO ‘Institute of Public Development ‘Ortega-y-Gasset’ was called ‘Development of a web-site for personal purposes’, however before the training I did not have a purpose for which I could develop such site. After the training, ‘the puzzle was formed’. When I came home, where I got a lot of unnecessary things still in a good condition, the decision came by itself - to make a site for the commission store, like the flea market. I also decided that an additional function would be a section where I could put things that no one buys to give them to the needy. The result justified itself and I have already got rid of a half of my things that I did not need any more.’


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