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1 26.12.2017 Tokmak
New life of my things

Anastasia Demchenko, a schoolgirl from Tokmak tells about how information she learned in the IDEA Project Powered by Microsoft YouthSpark gave her new skills and ideas that helped not only her but the needy people.
2 02.10.2017 Vinnitsya
My successes for people with hearing impairment

Hanna (28 years of age) from Vinnytsya shared how the project helped her and one of the IDEA Network members NGO ‘Parostok’ (Sprout) to develop. Hanna works as a Dactylology translator at the Vinnitsa Social and Economic Institute of the University ‘Ukraine’. ‘Thanks to participation in the project of the NGO ‘Parostok’ (Sprout)’ - said Hanna, ‘I had the opportunity to participate in developing a pocket dictionary of the Ukrainian sign language for the police. To work successfully, I lacked confidence in working with text input and editing as well as in working with images and photographs. At the IDEA Center of NGO ‘Parostok’ NGO, I successfully completed the training on working with the Microsoft Office suite and the basic work with images, and I was regularly receiving other consultations on other computing aspects from the IDEA Center's trainers. My work on the vocabulary was gradually moving forward, and finally I managed to do it! The dictionary was issued, and the police got copies for use. Thanks to the IDEA Project Powered by Microsoft YouthSpark, I was honored to be involved in building a police co-operation with people with hearing impairment’.
3 26.09.2017 Tokmak
Gift made with my own hands

A young IDEA training participant from Tokmak shares his story: "My younger brother loves to play games – he constantly asks our mom to buy him new games. However, these games are quite expensive, so it is not always possible to buy these games. After the Kodu training that I took at the IDEA Center in Tokmak, I decided to try to make a game for my brother. I asked him what exactly he would like to see in this game and how he wants to play. I spent about two weeks of time, and on his birthday I presented the new game to my brother. I did not expect such a strong reaction! My brother was very happy and said that now he will ask all the time to make different games that he could play and share with his friends."
4 26.09.2017 Tokmak
The best presentation!

Kristina Hlushkova, a schoolgirl from Tokmak, says: "Thanks to the Kodu program, I received the best grade in my biology class in school. I had to make and present a paper on microorganisms, and I wanted to come up to my presentation creatively. Fortunately, the IDEA Center of NGO "Institute of Public Development "Ortega-y-Gasset" was organizing a training session on how to work with the Kodu program. Participating in the training helped me quickly master the program, and I made great visuals for my biology presentation. I developed the landscape and different characters on the topic of my biology paper. Then I also made screenshots and inserted them into my presentation. The whole class was delighted, and I will remember for a long time the smile on the face of the eternally gloomy biology teacher!”
5 12.09.2017 Lutsk
Every next day - more successful than the previous one!

Yulia Khanova, 23 years, from Volodymyr-Volynsky said: "I learned about the activities of the IDEA Training Center in Lutsk when I was registered with the Employment Center. It was about a year ago. Since then, my life has fundamentally changed due to the interaction with the coordinator of the IDEA Training Center of the NGO «Volyn Perspectives». I came there because I was curious and thirst for knowledge. It was at the IDEA Training Center that I got social marketing knowledge. There I also became a member of another project, which improved my knowledge of English. The classes were held in a relaxed atmosphere, which helped open up many people. Every time teachers provided a lot of interesting and useful information. At classes I was able to express my thoughts and ask questions. This helped me open my own online store in Instagram, where I sell women's clothing imported from Poland. Thanks to the project, I understood how effective advertising is in the process of doing business. The knowledge helped me expand the target audience and increase the reach of potential clients. Cloud-based technologies, which I have not used before, are now an integral part of everyday work. The main thing is that the project inspired me to develop my own business and this desire has become even stronger. I wish you all success! Remember no matter what your goal is, you will be able to achieve it if you want to work! I invite everyone to my store: https://www.instagram.com/adele_store_/?hl=en "
6 31.07.2017 Vinnitsya
Teacher's assistant: Microsoft Kodu Game Lab

Maryna, 24 years old teacher from Vinnytsia said: "During my studies at the Vinnytsia Pedagogical University named after M. Kotsyubynsky, I took a training at the NGO "Parostok". The theme of the training was "Microsoft Information Technologies to Help the Teacher: Kodu-Visual Programming Language" and it was conducted within the framework of the IDEA Project Powered by Microsoft YouthSpark. This summer, working in a children's summer camp, I started using the Microsoft Kodu Game Lab, a visual designer, to create physical exercise breaks and develop demonstration materials of a cognitive nature. Thanks to Kodu, I managed to increase the children’s interest to learning activities. Working with the visual designer Kodu helped me to establish cooperation and enhance communication between myself and the children".
7 15.07.2017 Vinnitsya
Starting the road is already moving forward!

"Yana K. (Vinnytsya) took a Web Design and Web Programming training course at the IDEA Center of NGO "Zakhyst” (Protection). When applying for the training at the IDEA Center, Yana could not immediately formulate her wishes about the goals and tasks she would like to solve. They were more intuitive than realistic expectations.... However! After completing the training course, within a month, Yana was able to create websites - yet simple, but quite commercially capable. Also, Yana has opened up a lot of opportunities to help her friends solve problems with the implementation of their hobbies. Implementation in cash equivalents! Recently, Yana helped her friend to create a website on which she put out her papier mache products. There were already a lot of site views, so the friends hope that there will be orders as well ... Starting the road is already moving forward! "- says Olha Shevchuk, coordinator of the IDEA Center in NGO "Zakhyst” (Protection).
8 16.06.2017 Tokmak
Photographs from other worlds

Kateryna Antypenko, school student, says: "The Kodu Game Lab training that I took helped me find my hobby. I love working in Photoshop and place my images in space backgrounds, but, usually, I had to use backgrounds that someone else had designed. Now, thanks to the Kodu program, I can create unique landscapes and use them to my photos. I really like the way I look at the background of the fictional world, and most importantly that nobody else has such photos!"
9 16.06.2017 Vinnitsya
Success thanks to IDEA Project Powered by Microsoft YouthSpark

Natalia (22 years of age) shared her experience of participation in the IDEA Project O]Powered by Microsoft YouthSpark: ‘I have a disability, and I am studying at Vinnytsia Pedagogical University named after M.Kotsyubynsky at the Faculty of Preschool and Primary Education and Arts. During my pedagogical internship recently, I received an opportunity to use a new knowledge that I acquired during training at the IDEA Center of NGO Parostok (Sprout) within IDEA Project Powered by Microsoft YouthSpark. The training’s theme was ‘Microsoft Information Technologies for Teachers: the Kodu Visual Programing Language’. Everyoone knows that one of most important task for a teacher is to trigger and maintain the students' interest to the educational material. I am not familiar with any complex languages of programing, so learning how to use the Kodu Game Lab visual designer during my classes, including designing demos and didactic games for different stages of the lesson, and consolidation of the lesson materials, was very helpful. Working with Kodu allowed me to raise the level of motivation and self-organization of my students in the class. Also, in March 2017, thanks to Project, I became a participant of the Women in IT public event held at the office of Microsoft Ukraine which enabled me to share my experiences of using IT in my work. Thank IDEA Project Powered by Microsoft YouthSpark for this great opportunity!’
10 01.06.2017 Lutsk
Step by step to the goal

Volodymyr Spas (30) from Lutsk shred his experience: "In 2016, I registered as unemployed at the City Employment Eenter in Lutsk. One day when I visited the Employment Center, I took a training for its clients which was conducted by the coordinator of the IDEA Training Center established by NGO "Volyn Perspectives". During the training, I learned about free-of-charge trainings to which I can attend at this NGO for my professional development in the IT area. Since that time, my path to self-knowledge has begun. Thanks to the support of the IDEA Project and the center’s coordinator and trainers, I have completed a training program for entrepreneurs. I am planning now to start my own business related to teaching computer courses for "dummies". Thanks to IDEA Project Powered by Microsoft YouthSpark for this great opportunity and support!"
11 30.05.2017 Vinnitsya
I always do what I like the most!

Maxym, 21 years of age, says: "I have a disability because of the musculoskeletal system dysfunctions. Due to this health problem, I could not find a job. Thanks to computer literacy trainings that I took at the IDEA Center of NGO ‘Parostok’ (Sprout), I improved my knowledge on the use of computer programs, and increased my self-confidence. With assistance and consultations of the IDEA Center trainers, I started developing layouts for leaflets and posters for several NGOs in my community on a voluntary basis. Recently, with assistance from the IDEA Center, I contacted a local advertising agency, that offered me a home-based work. Now I develop layouts of informational materials and work with images for this agency. I am very happy that finally I have additional earnings to my pension, and that I have a chance to do now what I always like the most!"
12 30.05.2017 Vinnitsya
The road will overcome the one who goes

Vlad, 24 years of age, says: "I am a student of Vinnytsia Institute of Economics and Social Sciences, of the Ukraina University, and I study at the specialty "Human Health". Recently, trainers of IDEA Center of NGO “Sprout” visited us with programing trainings. In the classroom, I received a lot of useful information, and most importantly – the training inspired me to create my own blog to promote the healthy life style. I created the blog, but there is still a lot of interesting and challenging work to keep it. But the road will overcome the one who goes. Trainers of IDEA Center have been constantly helping me to work on the blog and inspiring me for its improvement. Through my blog, more young people will start and lead a healthy life! "
13 03.05.2017 Vinnitsya
Dream and act!

Tamara, 25 years of age, says: "At the moment, I am on maternity leave and taking care of my baby. There was always a lack of money, so I began to think about getting down to some part time work. I was interested in working as a content manager, but I did not have a sufficient level of knowledge. The IDEA Training Center of NGO Parostok (Sprout) helped me – I received trainings and consulted there on working with the WordPress system and HTML language. It allowed me to learn new skills and become much more confident. Also, my trainers helped me to find work. My dream came true! Now I work as a content-manager for several sites on different themes. This work takes a few hours a day, and that is why I can easily devote sufficient time to my little daughter. Thank IDEA Project Powered by Microsoft YouthSpark for this assistance! "
14 26.04.2017 Tokmak
Game competition

Vladyslav Koshel, school student says: "After taking a training on learning Kodu language of programing, I and my friend decided to create our own games and see who did it better. When all was ready, we put our games in a closed group, to which we invited our classmates and friends so that they could play, evaluate and vote. I was worried, but did not lose hope to be the best, and that's my game won, though narrowly! I really liked this competitive spirit, and I think that we will more do again such competitions. "
15 17.12.2016 Lutsk
I found my dream job!

Iryna Leshchuk (29 years) says: "I learned about the IDEA Training Center at the NGO "Volynski Perspektyvy" from my friend, who works at the Eastern European National University in Lutsk. I asked the coordinator of the Training Center to help me in finding work, because at that time I was unemployed. Together with the coordinator, we worked for about a month to prepare my resume for submission to the employers, and "monitored" suitable vacancies. As a result of this work, I went to the very first interview and got a job at the Volyn Stock Exchange. It is the work with people - that what I wanted. I am very grateful for all help and support I received!"
16 05.12.2016 Vinnitsya
With IDEA Project, dreams come true!

Nazariy (19 years) says: "In 2016, I started to work with IDEA Center of NGO “Parostok” (Sprout). At first, I participated at skills trainings on job search techniques, and the creation of non-government organizations. Starting the second half of the year, I began myself to conduct training at the IDEA Center of NGO "Parostok". Just recently, I was entrusted to represent the activities of the NGO "Parostok" in the field of training youth in computer skills. On November 14, 2016, I presented activities of IDEA Center of NGO "Parostok" at a seminar organized by Microsoft Ukraine. See office Makrosoft Ukraine, but also to deliver a presentation within the walls of Microsoft - a dream for every young person! Thanks to NGO "Parostok" for its the trust, and thank you, IDEA Project Powered by Microsoft YouthSpark for this opportunity!"
17 28.10.2016 Vinnitsya
Develoment is necessary for reaching the goal!

Olha (24 years of age) said: "I have a disability due to problems with the musculoskeletal system because of which spend most of the home. I studied at the Center for Vocational Rehabilitation of Disabled "Podillya", but after I graduated from it, I still could not find a job. Also, while I mastered a lot of information about the online job search, I still could not get employed. So I decided to register for classes on job search conducted by the IDEA Center of NGO Parostok (Sprout). Here, coaches helped me properly arrange priorities and structure the amount of information that I possessed, and taught how to behave during interviews with employers. Together with the trainers, I started monitoring the websites offering vacancies in the online stores. Finally, thanks to the support and knowledge obtained at the IDEA Center of NGO Parostok, I successfully passed the interview. Recently, I successfully passed the probation period, during which I successfully mastered knowledge about products and services of the online store. My duties include receiving Internet-orders, advising and answering the phone, transferring the orders for implementation. Remote work is not inferior to the usual work, and now I can earn money without leaving home. NGO Parostok has helped me to realize that, to reach your goal, you should not sit and wait, but start to move and develop, look for something new and new earnings opportunities. In fact – there are a lot of opportunities around, and one just needs to use them".
18 30.09.2016 Vinnitsya
My invaluable experience

Olena (20 years) is a student of Vinnytsia Institute of Economics and Social Sciences, under the Ukraina University shares her experience of job search with assistance from IDEA Center of NGO Parostok (Sprout) in Vinnytsya: "I was looking for a company, working where I could combine work with my study at the institute. However, it appears that employers do not really want to employ students through as they believe that students have irresponsible attitude to their duties and permanent problems with their studying. However, I decided not to give up and continued looking for a job. It was very difficult for me to do it on my own, so I asked the Centre IDEA of NGO Parostok (Sprout). At the trainings conducted by the IDEA Center, I was able to improve my skills in Microsoft Office, working with e-mails, studied in detail popular browsers, and learned to better understand the communications. Finally I got a job at a call-center. Now I have a flexible schedule that allows me to combine study and work. Through training at the Center IDEA, I realized that the difficulties exist always and everywhere, but by overcoming them we gain invaluable experience, become wiser, and begin to see life differently. Thank IDEA Project Powered by Microsoft YouthSpark for invaluable experience!"
19 28.09.2016 Vinnitsya
Developing new projects

NGO "Center Podillya Socium", thanks to the experience gained during the participation in IDEA Project Powered by Microsoft YouthSpark, managed to become one of the winners of a competition announced by another project called “Affordable and High Quality Legal Assistance in Ukraine". This project is being implemented by the Canadian Bureau for International Education with support from the Government of Canada, and the Program Initiative "Human Rights and Justice" of the International Renaissance Foundation. Within the new project, senior people will be assisted by youth volunteers in learning how to find useful legal information in the Internet.
20 10.08.2016 Ivano-Frankivsk
Now I plan to start my own business

Ruslan Smerechko ('22), participant of trainings conducted by IDEA Center in Ivano-Frankivsk, says: "Some time ago I graduated from college with a specialty ‘locksmith‘. Unfortunately, I did not have much practical experience and skills, and there were little job opportunities around for this specialty. So I decided to change my profession and learn computers. I continued my education at the Ivano-Frankivsk College named after Granat and, when studying at the college, I came to the IDEA training center of NGO "Business Award Foundation". There I learned a lot about job search in Ukraine and abroad, and began looking for job related to computers. The coordinator of the IDEA Center helped me in this quest. Recently I found such job in Poland – working in shifts for a computer firm. I am assembling and repairing computer equipment there. Another training I took at the IDEA Center was also helpful - on opening one’s own business. It helped me to find partners in Ukraine for importing used equipment, and I plan to start my own business of selling used computers and other equipment, and also of its service in Ukraine. Thank you, the project, for this help! "
21 05.08.2016 Vinnitsya
Thanks to the project I received a job!

While studying at Vinnytsia Center of Professional Rehabilitation of People with Disability "Podillya" at the specialty "Computer Operator" Anna (27 years) became a participant of a digital literacy training and consultations on self-employment and job search, conducted by NGO "Parostok” (Sprout) within IDEA Project Powered by Microsoft YouthSpark. Says Anna: "Training has helped me improve computing skills and increase my knowledge on how to use different software. It also gave me more self-confidence. I am currently working at the logistics company as the department operator. The knowledge and skills gained through IDEA Project Powered by Microsoft YouthSpark were useful to me - thanks to the project, I received this job, which is very important for my career and professional growth!"
22 31.07.2016 Tokmak
IDEA for future profession

The participant of the "IDEA Project Powered by Microsoft YouthSpark" Igor Chuyenko (Tokmak) says: "Advertising posters, leaflets, flyers - all of it I saw every day, and it all was not very impressive to me. There were very little visuals that I really liked. Most of them, in my opinion, was the result of poor performance and lack of imagination. This thought never left me for a long time, and when I saw the opportunity to take part in training on how to use the graphical editor, conducted by the IDEA Center of NGO "Institute for Public Development Ortega-y Gasset" I immediately signed up. I wanted to check whether I myself can do something worthy. In the training, we were told about various specialized programs, and then were given the task. I and two other guys had to make an imaginary magazine cover. Easy - thought we, and started. However, immediately we faced a problem - it was difficult to selecting a suitable font and size, the picture would not decrease, and in general it was not so easy. In the end, we managed to do something, but I was dissatisfied with the result. After arriving home, I immediately immersed myself in the study of visual editors which we were told about during the training. Two weeks were spent to find out it and one more week to make a cover that would not cause me disgust. After I told this to my friends, one of them asked to make a poster for chess tournament. Another week passed, until it turned out that what I was really pleased with. And my friend was pleased with it as well. Now, several times a month my friends to turn to me, and sometimes even strangers, to ask to make a poster or a greeting card. Previously, I was sure that I would devote my entire live to freestyle wrestling, which was engaged in since four year of age. Now my new passion for graphic design competes with the wrestling. Recently, I seriously started to wonder about education in this area. And it all began with a regular training".
23 10.07.2016 Vinnitsya
Gaining experience of practical work

Olga Pastukh and Victor Rak are students of Donetsk National University that re-allocated to Vinnytsya because of the Russian aggression in the East of Ukraine. Olga and Victor recently received letter of thanks for their active volunteering work and participation in activities of the NGO "Center Podillya Socium". In particular, the future law experts provided trainings and consultations to senior citizens on searching for legal information on the Internet. A training classroom provided for the IDEA Project Powered by Microsoft YouthSpark was used for these trainings.
24 15.06.2016 Vinnitsya
Gain experience while working in NGO

In cooperation with NGO "Center Podillya Socium" that established an IDEA Training Center in Vinnytsya, Diana Korpika and Olga Bondar (foreground) received a prize for winning at an international competition among future journalists. The students plan further active participation in the activities of the NGO and development of their own projects.
25 01.06.2016 Lutsk
Now I have my own venture!

Nataliya Semenyuk, 26 years of age, from Lutsk shared her experience of attending trainings and consultations provided by IDEA Center of the NGO ‘Volynski Perspektyvy’: "Being registered at the employment center, I attended a workshop on new information technologies and their possibility for starting and developing one’s own v enture. I was very interested, because I always wanted to have my own business. In the online mode, I continued to be consulted by the coordinator of the IDEA training center. Now, in one of the most popular social networks, I founded an online store of the used baby clothes. I'm constantly trying to expand my customer base and I use other free platforms to find customers. I have already got more than 20 satisfied customers, and I continue to get further advice from the IDEA training center".
26 27.05.2016 Vinnitsya
The main thing is not to wait, but learn and act!

Maryna (20 years) is a student of Vinnytsya Pedagogical University. Says Mayna: "I started attending trainings conducted by the IDEA Center of NGO "Sprout" in order to seek an additional income, because students do not always have enough money. As a future philologist, I am able to teach and formulate thoughts on paper. That's why IDEA trainers prompted me to try to monetize this ability over the Internet. Thanks to these trainings, I gradually expanded my knowledge in content marketing and successfully began to use new programs. It turned out that there are many opportunities for a philologist to get employed, as many customers do need a new, unique, and high quality content for promoting their Websites, and, for doing this, I can earn an additional income. So a good philologist can always find a good job! The main thing is not to wait, but learn and act!"
27 27.04.2016 Vinnitsya
'Thanks to Microsoft I have now access to my information from any corner of the World!'

Liudmyla (39 years) is the head of the NGO “Center of Aesthetic and Psychosocial Development of Dersonality ‘Myrovozdaniye’”. "The main goal of the organization is to promote inclusive education in vocational schools. Says Ludmila: "I was lucky to take part in training classes on computer literacy conducted by NGO ‘Parostok’ (Sprout) within IDEA Project Powered by Microsoft YouthSpark. The knowledge I received helped me to better develop computer skills. Especially useful for me as the head of the NGO was becaming acquainted with Microsoft ‘cloud’ technologies. IDEA trainers of the NGO ‘Parostok’ helped me move all documentation to the ‘cloud’. I often attend various educational activities in different cities of Ukraine. During the travels, often times I urgently need to work with documents of our organization. Thanks to Microsoft I have now access to my information from any corner of the World! Thanks to IDEA Project Powered by Microsoft YouthSpark and the IDEA Center of NGO ‘Parostok’!”
28 24.02.2016 Ternopil
Thanks to the project, managed to find a job!

Khrystyna (24 years) attended trainings at the IDEA Training Center of NGO "Ternopil Oblast Branch of the Association of Labor Unions of Youth" and received several individual consultations on job search. By education, Khrystyna is a psychologist, and she tried to find a work in Ternopil at her specialty for quite a while. Unfortunately, there was no vacancies in this area, so she decided to try herself in another activity. Thanks to knowledge gained at IDEA training and consultations, she successfully passed the interview at the employer - a furniture store owner, and she was accepted for internship.
29 24.02.2016 Ivano-Frankivsk
IDEA Center helped to become a freelancer and trainer

Vasyl Fedynchuk (24) of Ivano-Frankivsk, in 2014-2015, studied at the IDEA Center of NGO Business Aword Foundation. Specifically, Vasyl was trained in courses such as ‘The Cloud Technologies and Backup Copying’, ‘Basics of Work with Web-sites’, and ‘Programing Fundamentals’. Vasyl also took a seminar ‘OS Windows Security’ conducted by Microsoft trainers online. Thanks to the training and other assistance from the IDEA Center, Vasyl was able to become an IT freelancer. In addition, Vasily got actively involved in training of other visitors of the IDEA Center of NGO Business Aword Foundation – now he delivers workshops on coding.
30 02.02.2016 Vinnitsya
Self-employment thanks to IDEA Project Powered by Microsoft YouthSpark

Coordinator of the IDEA Center established by NGO ‘Parostok’ (Sprout) Iryna Sarancha says: "While studying at Vinnytsya Center of Professional Rehabilitation of Disabled People ‘Podillya’ at the specialty ‘Dreassmaker’, Natalia (25 years) also was trained and received advice on self-employment within IDEA Project Powered by Microsoft YouthSpark, conducted by our organization. This training included such aspects of creating a business idea and a business plan, the process of setting goals, and making decisions. In the process of training and counseling, Natalia gained self-confidence, and she discussed with the IDEA trainers personality obstacles that do let succeed in one’s own business, and how to overcome them. This has enabled Natalia to believe in herself and successfully launch her own business of dressmaking."

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